“When we look back at the photos from the wedding ceremony, we are grinning from ear to ear. The proceeding was romantic, eloquent and exactly what we had hoped for. The Judge listened to all of our expectations and desires and delivered even more! We highly recommend a Supreme Court Justice to preside over a wedding ceremony.”

Cornelia & Peter New York, NY

"My husband and I were sincerely blessed to have found Judges for Love. Despite short notice, Iris and Judge Marrus were absolutely lovely and incredibly supportive throughout the arrangements. They made our wedding so deeply moving and personal that I am literally tearing up as I write this. ...They are gracious, witty, warm and lovely people... who truly made our day perfect. Long may they reign!"

Livet & Jean R. Queens, NY

"Words cannot describe how amazing Judge Marrus is. Thanks to Judge Marrus our ceremony was just perfect. It was short and sweet with lots of humor and he made our day feel welcoming and special. He even did part of our ceremony in Spanish! I highly recommend JUDGES FOR LOVE! We love Judge Marrus and you will too!"

Daniel & Mario Queens, NY

"JUDGES FOR LOVE was an absolute gem of a find for our same-sex wedding. It is such an auspicious opportunity and honor to be able to be married by a retired New York State Supreme Court Justice and Judge Alan Marrus provided us with a ceremony that people can't stop talking about days later. It was light-hearted, extremely personal and sincere, and emotionally moving all at once. Iris, who runs the company, was always available within minutes and is warm and lovely. JUDGES FOR LOVE understood how we felt. You can tell the pride they take in the services they provide to their clients. It's a true act of love and not just a business for them. Stop your search and contact Iris now."

Regan & Huan N. New Rochelle, NY

"WOW!!! Judge Marrus and JUDGES FOR LOVE was the best decision my husband and I ever made! Everything was absolutely PERFECT! Judge Marrus and Iris are two of the nicest people we have ever met. They are so easy to work with and take the time to really get to know you to make your wedding ceremony exactly how you want it. Judge Marrus was the perfect combination of romantic, personal and funny. Our guests couldn't stop telling us how much they loved our ceremony. JUDGES FOR LOVE IS AMAZING!"

Taylor & Dave W. Syracuse, NY

"We had a great experience working with Iris and Judge Brunetti. The Judge put together a perfect ceremony and it was exactly what we were hoping for. He was very accommodating and gave us the opportunity to talk via phone on multiple occasions to ensure that he had personal stories to add to the ceremony. He captured our relationship perfectly and we could not be happier. We highly recommend JUDGES FOR LOVE."

Richard O. Cooperstown, NY

"Recently our daughter was married in upstate New York at a grand hotel and wanted a classic civil ceremony. We were fortunate to find JUDGES FOR LOVE! Iris was fantastic to work with and paired us with Judge Suzanne Mondo. Judge Mondo worked with the bride and groom to create a ceremony that traced the path of their love and reflected the joy and happiness of this special day. It was a perfect ceremony!! We highly recommend JUDGES FOR LOVE, especially Judge Mondo!"

Matthew & Nancy F. Brooklyn, NY

"Judge Marrus and his wife, Iris, were truly a wonderful part of our wedding. From the moment we contacted them, they were responsive, listened to our requests, set follow-up calls and were true professionals. Judge Marrus created a perfect story to share during our ceremony and our guests laughed and cried and told us that they loved every minute. We highly recommend JUDGES FOR LOVE!"

Robin & Chuck B. New York City

“Having a Supreme Court Justice preside at our wedding ceremony gave it the grace and dignity often lacking from weddings presided over by persons ‘ordained’ for the occasion. The Judge was witty but also dignified and added just the right personal touch we wanted. Having the honor of a Justice of the Supreme Court marry us was fabulous. Thank you for making our wedding the most memorable and special occasion of our lives.”

Sara & Timothy V. Brooklyn, NY

"Our wedding ceremony was the best moment of my life. Judge Marrus made it extra special with his sense of humor, attention to detail and lovely personality. Our guests talked about how amazing he was for weeks after the wedding"

Stephanie & George U. Cold Spring, NY

"At first connection, we spoke with Iris, the CEO of JUDGES FOR LOVE. She was so lovely. She read up on how my husband and I met and became engaged. We felt so comfortable we asked to book our December wedding. After speaking to Judge Marrus, we determined he was equally kind, funny and attentive. He made our wedding ceremony memorable. Our guests appreciated how personal the ceremony was. Thank you so much, Judge Marrus!! Love, the new Mr. and Mrs. :) "

Madeline & Jason M. Pulaski, NY

"We were so happy with our choice to use JUDGES FOR LOVE!! Judge Brunetti really got to know my husband and me. He gave a ceremony of perfect length that was personal and made our family laugh and cry. My husband and I loved both the ceremony and the attention we were given throughout the whole process. Iris is fantastic and made sure to get back to us quickly when we had questions. I would highly recommend this service. Thanks JUDGES FOR LOVE!"

Halley & Todd A. Washington, D.C.

"We just had JUDGES FOR LOVE marry us in Washington, D.C. and it was amazing. Our ceremony was the best part of the day. Judge Marrus talked with us extensively before the wedding to plan our perfect ceremony. The ceremony was low key yet dignified with vows that were touching, modern and so well-composed. I was surprised at how much it moved me to say them during the wedding. I can’t recommend JUDGES FOR LOVE enough-- we are so happy we chose them."

Raleigh & Yony A. New York, NY

"JUDGES FOR LOVE is an extremely professional company and we highly recommend them. We hit it off with Iris right away. She was warm and very responsive. We had two calls with Judge Marrus, in which he learned about us and what we wanted for our ceremony. The day of the event, he arrived early and did not disappoint. He officiated our wedding and it was PERFECT. Our families loved him. So glad we did it."

Anita & Philip Y. New York, NY

"I am so glad we chose JUDGES FOR LOVE and got Judge Alan Marrus to officiate our ceremony. He was not only thorough as he got to know us but was very helpful with our questions, the paperwork and the administrative side. We wanted a simple ceremony and he created one with the right mix of thoughtfulness, eloquence, humor and seriousness. As good as Judge Marrus was, perhaps Iris was even better! She was the main contact who set things up and was a real pleasure- very professional, prompt, courteous, helpful and understanding. We were in good hands! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking to get married."

John H. & Chris P. Brooklyn, NY

"This was a great way to make a small, no fuss wedding more special than what you would get at Borough Hall. Communication was smooth and swift throughout the process and Judge Marrus really enjoyed getting to know us. We wanted a ceremony with a combination of gravitas and humor and he really did pull it off. He was super comfortable with a same-sex ceremony. I highly recommend JUDGES FOR LOVE and think Judge Marrus is a great guy!"

Kelly & Susan Briarcliff, NY

"Judge Marrus performed ur wedding ceremony this summer and it was fun and hassle-free. His kindness and calm demeanor were exactly what we were looking for. He customized our ceremony and helped us realize our vision for a meaningful transformation of our relationship. We couldn't have made a better choice for our LGBTQ wedding."

Harry & Rosalynne C. New York, NY

"My wife and I had the pleasure and honor of having our wedding ceremony performed by a Justice of the Brooklyn Supreme Court. It was a wonderful experience that made the day that much more special. The Judge spoke eloquently on our behalf and made everyone in attendance feel they were a part of the ceremony. We would highly recommend having a Judge perform the ceremony, as it will add joy to an already joyous day."

Drew & Urmi B. New York, NY

“The Judge was the ‘cherry on top’ of a beautiful wedding. To this day, guests tell us it was one of the finest weddings they had ever attended. Having the judge perform the ceremony made all the difference.“

Lorin & Lara W. New York, NY

“The Judge set the gold standard for a most memorable and happy wedding day. His remarks were sensitive, heartfelt, inspirational, at times poetic and appropriately laced with humor. The occasion was filled with warmth and love.”

Michael & Gabriella T. Brooklyn, NY

“When we look back at the photos from the wedding ceremony, we are grinning from ear to ear. The proceeding was romantic, eloquent and exactly what we had hoped for. The Judge listened to all of our expectations and desires and delivered even more! We highly recommend a Supreme Court Justice to preside over a wedding ceremony.”

Burt & Barbara A. New York, NY

“Our Judge’s ability to convey the seriousness of the event in simple but uplifting language made our wedding ceremony perfect. We owe the judge a debt of gratitude for the profound and insightful words that conveyed the true meaning of our marriage commitment.”

Steven & Alexandra M. New York, NY

“Judge Marrus helped us come up with the perfect ceremony. He's a friendly, warm, and great person who is clear from the beginning that he wants to help provide a meaningful and personal ceremony. I would definitely recommend JUDGES FOR LOVE.”

Milo & Sam New York, NY

“So glad we chose JUDGES FOR LOVE for our ceremony. As a same sex couple we wanted to make sure everything was legal. Judge Marrus was delightful to work with, especially on such short notice, we reached out a week before the ceremony!”

Erin & Yenal O. Hudson Valley, NY

"Judge Marrus was everything we could've wished for with an officiant. He really made our ceremony personal, with the right touch of humor, but yet traditional and dignified. JUDGES FOR LOVE made everything stress-free. What more could you ask for when planning a wedding? Highly recommend!

Kara & Jerry V. Pearl River, NY

" As an interfaith couple, we were looking for a non-religious professional officiant who would incorporate traditions from each faith. Judge Marrus did an outstanding job! Our ceremony was spot-on! We highly recommend JUDGES FOR LOVE!"

Michelle & Sonny Y. Milford, NY

"After a lot of research and interviews we had JUDGES FOR LOVE officiate at our wedding ceremony. We could not be happier! During each step of the way, we felt at ease knowing every aspect of our wedding was taken care-of. Iris was kind and responsive and made the process simple. Judge Parker was FANTASTIC. It was like we had a family member conducting our ceremony. We are so glad we went with JUDGES FOR LOVE!"

Maryann & Aaron M. Hudson, NY

"Judge Marrus was the perfect officiant for our wedding. He made our ceremony exactly how we envisioned it: casual, funny and non-denominational. Our ceremony was in the perfect hands. Our guests loved the little details. Most importantly he helped set a serious and dignified tone that we wanted. I'm so pleased with how the ceremony turned out and feel confident recommending JUDGES FOR LOVE to anyone.

Jasmine & Paris L. Brooklyn, NY

"Judge Patricia Henry married us and she was AMAZING! We had a very productive discussion with Judge Henry giving details about our relationship. The judge gave us guidance and was extremely helpful to us and the bridal party. Everyone raved about the reading she tailored for us and how beautiful the ceremony was. I strongly recommend JUDGES FOR LOVE."

Jen & Devin D. Long Island City, NY

"We absolutely LOVED using Judges for Love, and Judge Sid Strauss for our wedding. Sid was kind and charming, and managed to bring both gravitas and humor to our ceremony. We highly recommend Judges for Love to any other happy couples looking for an officiant."

Erin & Joseph M. Brentwood, NY

"I couldn't possibly be any happier with my choice to use Judges for Love to perform our wedding ceremony! I was blown away by how helpful Iris is; her response times were fast and she made sure we had all the information we needed. Honorable Alan Marrus so perfectly portrayed our relationship and our guests asked if we knew him personally. Our ceremony was short and sweet. I will highly recommend Judges for Love time and time again. "

Nicole & Michael L. Woodbury, NY

" The idea of having a former New York State Supreme Court Justice marry us checked the box of 'official' for us and we decided to give JUDGES FOR LOVE a call. We are so happy we did! We worked with Judge Alan Marrus and right off the bat felt a strong connection to him. Michael and I emphasized we wanted a short and sweet ceremony with a little bit of humor and a whole lot of love. Judge Marrus absolutely NAILED IT! He had everybody in the room laughing and crying at the same time and we received so many great compliments. I would highly recommend using JUDGES FOR LOVE. THANK YOU JUDGE MARRUS!"

Graceann & Edward H. New Rochelle, NY

"My husband and I were looking for an officiant who was non-denominational but also someone whose presence would lend to the event's significance. Judge Marrus did an amazing job from the start. He was great during the ceremony and delivered it perfectly keeping it fun but not at all taking away from the importance of the event. We were extremely happy with the ceremony and there was nothing but positive feedback from the guests. We would highly recommend JUDGES FOR LOVE!"

Erin & Matthew F. New York, NY

"We worked with Judge Marrus and the JUDGES FOR LOVE team to plan our civil ceremony in NYC. They were prompt in responding, easy to work with on scheduling and very professional and sentimental in discussing the details of our ceremony. Judge Marrus was well-prepared, thoughtful with considerate presence. The ceremony was personalized and meaningful while also having the right amount of official gravitas. This was a great experience and we are very grateful. Thank you!"

Mallory & Brian P. New York, NY

"Working with JUDGES FOR LOVE was a wonderful experience. Iris was warm and attentive in her coordination of logistics, and we felt she truly put time into understanding what we wanted from our special day. Judge Marrus spent an hour and a half with us to learn our story and better understand who we are as a couple. His ceremony was beautiful and personal. hey handled all of the filing and paperwork, which was a huge help. We are so grateful to Iris and Judge Marrus for helping to create such a special day for us."

Irene & Nick A. Rye, NY

"JUDGES FOR LOVE was a fantastic choice for our wedding! Judge Strauss was so great! Our guests told us how much they loved what he said. Iris was so helpful during the whole planning process. I greatly appreciated that she proactively followed up with us so that we couldn't forget anything. Great service and wholeheartedly recommend!"

We provide officiant services in the New York Metro, Long Island, Westchester and Greater Hudson Valley areas AND NEW IN 2017- Washington, D.C.